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Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…

Keys are small things that unlock big barriers. Those who have keys enter into places that others are locked out of. God is granting access and authority by giving us the keys to what He possesses, and open up that which would have otherwise been closed up.

In the time that Jesus was speaking, keys were a symbol of great authority.

Jewish religious leaders were given long chains to wear about their necks from which keys hung.

Three privileges were given with these keys:

  • First, they could open the locked cabinets that housed the Scripture. They had access to God’s revelation and knowledge.

  • Second, they had the authority adjudicate, or make judgments between right and wrong. Adjudicate means to make legal and binding decisions.

God has given us as His church, His authority to establish His Kingdom and transact His business here on earth.

  • Third, they had the power to set forth new legislation.

We’ve been given authority to establish a new government right in the place the Devil has been legislating evil!

Jesus already conquered the Devil. It is time for us to establish and enforce His Kingdom by unlocking every door upon which Satan has posted a “no admittance “ sign.


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